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"Being a part of the Girls Ellington Project has really inspired me to be a stronger musician as well as a stronger woman – 

to not take crap from anyone who says I can't do something and to put all of myself into my music because that's what really makes it music."

                                             -JazzED student

Produced at Jazz Congress 2018 by Jazz at Lincoln Center



Essentially Ellington Finalist, Seattle JazzED Ellington Ensemble


Jazz Curriculum Officer, Washington Music Educators Association



Washington Area Unit President, Jazz Education Network

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member, Jazz Education Network

Women in Jazz Committee Member, Jazz Education Network

Adjudicator, Northlake Region Jazz Festival, Federal Way School District Jazz Festival, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

Speaker, Seattle Pacific University Futures in Music Series


Director, EBMEA High School Orchestra Festival


Expanding Opportunities to Learn Jazz in Afterschool Taskforce, Jazz at Lincoln Center

Adjudicator, Bellevue College Jazz Festival, Skagit Valley Jazz Festival, Reno Jazz Festival, Bellevue High School Jazz Festival

Speaker, Central Washington University Women in Jazz Day, University of Washington Jazz Pedagogy, Pacific Lutheran University Collegiate Educators


Director, Washoe County Middle School Honor Band

Adjudicator, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival, Soundview League Jazz Festival, Northshore Jazz Festival, and Reno Jazz Festival


Alumni Award, University of Washington

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Adjudicator, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival


Eclectic Styles Reading Session Conductor, American String Teachers Association


Jazz at Lincoln Center Band Director Academy Scholarship Recipient


Mentor, Seattle City of Music Career Day


Plenary Speaker, Montana Music Educators Association, Billings, MT


WeBop at Lincoln Center Trained and Certificated Teacher



Lead Writer/Piloter of the Seattle Public Schools Common Curriculum and Assessments in Secondary Music


Senior Thesis of the Year "An Exploration of Women's Jazz: Community Building and Empowerment" (New Girls on the Block), University of Washington Women Studies

Produced at Jazz Congress 2018 by Jazz at Lincoln Center
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